sunday best take II {small style}

matching ruby slippers!
i have definitely been tardy in my {small style} posts as of late.  life just happens sometimes.  you just apologize & move on! but this {small style} is a whole two hours early!

so here is the latest from the wilkins' fashion flaunts.  this was a sunday morning as we were leaving for church... as you can tell from davith's 'but you just told me to get in the car?' look.  i was very excited to find evie's little ruby slipper's at boomerang kids for $4 to match my own ruby slippers which i got from winner's.  they are my super special flats... kinda like my pink rubber boots.  someone once gave me a prophetic word about my ruby slippers... in fact i often get prophetic words about my shoes... which i think just justifies the purchasing of more shoes, you know, as a spiritual investment in my future!
 {davith}: sweater {carters}, jeans {children's place}, sneakers {gymboree}, umbrella {not sure how that got in there but it's from dollarama}

 {kai}: white shirt, vest & tie combo {cherokee}, hat, pants & shoes {gymboree}

 {evie}: dress {winners}, leggings {children's place}, ruby shoes {thrifted wonderkinds}
{this little one step is brought to you by my uncle martin who taught evie how to finally descend stairs}

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