what NOT to wear while making crabgrass gumbo & rainspout tea {small style}

this little cookbook is one of the sweetest little finds i have found in awhile {it was only $3.50!}.  it's a recipe book for dolls!  it's chronology includes every recipe from assorted hors d'oeuvres to soups & sandwiches, main dish specialities, pastries & desserts not to mention beverages and pre-planned menus for just the right occasion using nothing but the well stocked forest, sand dune or backyard supermarket. soooo cute!  okay, i'll admit i am way more into this little book than any of my kids at the moment but they sure had fun helping me try out a few recipes!

for this week's edition of {small style} i decided to include pictures of our little impromptu park picnic.  as it was impromptu, the kids were not aptly dressed for the mud factor that a few of our recipes included... so it may be a bit difficult to decipher their actual clothing under all the mud.  they were having so much fun, i decided to just embrace the sandy mess & have a little fun too!  needless to say, the van was full of protest on the way home, their hair full of sand & imaginations wildly ignited!  i love it when their clothes are so filthy their not worth saving at the end of the day... it means they had a really fun day!

 {evie}: dress {carter's}, leggings {children's place - best buy ever, they are size 12 months but she's been wearing them since she was 6 months}, slippers {joe}

 {kai}: onsie {petit problem}, shorts {gymboree}, slippers {joe}

 {davith}: t-shirt {joe}, shorts {joe}, sandals {joe}... all from end of year sale, but in next year's size so they are a little big

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