desperate style {small style}

ever wondered what to wear at 5:30 pm with a newborn, three hyper toddlers & an hour until bedtime?

the answer: one pull-up, one diaper, a pair of pink spandex pants... and shaving cream!

since recovering from a c-section, i have been dying to spend time with the kids. fun time. the problem is i am not allowed to pick them up or bend or move really.  and so, this is what we came up with on short notice.

{forgive the sound effects & pausing on the video below... steve was playing with a setting on the camera}
whoops! i can't seem to upload this video unfortunately so i'll post it on facebook instead...

apparently you can add food colouring & then this becomes a fun lesson in colours... be careful though because it can change the colour of tile grout.  this activity really is better suited to the bathtub in retrospect... this is the trail of shaving cream to the bathtub!  thank goodness for daddy & nana who cleaned up both the babies & everything they touched all the way up the stairs.  

good memories of our first week as a family of six!

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