victorious, conquering peace

she's here! little livi verona arrived with perfect timing wednesday night, october 12 {just one day shy of sharing the 13 with her brothers & sisters}.

we are in love with her & she is perfect.  even though i am a bit bruised & battered around the edges, it was totally worth it. to hold her in my arms... finally!

as you may have read in previous posts {declare my word, hold onto peace, thank-you LORD} we have had our challenges this pregnancy. as a testimony of God goodness throughout this process, we decided upon the name livi verona for this baby girl which mean "victorious, conquering peace". i know i have blogged about names before {a name is a name}, but this name has an extra special meaning for us.  to go from total uncertainty to experience, tangibly holding our little victorious peace in our arms... an incredible feeling.  to hold that promise, to see that truth in flesh... i cannot even begin to express how overwhelming.  no amount of tears, sighs or words could adequately convey what it is like to hold that victory in our hands.  thanks be to God Almighty, who's goodness surpasses any height of expectation.
so here she is world... our little 'victorious, conquering peace'.


  1. Sarah! I have been reading your posts secretly all summer...in the seconds I have I skim through them and they are all beautifully written. BUT NOW, I do not skim, I read...I looked...I totally enjoyed seeing you with your miraculous blessing of a daughter. So happy for you! Congrats!!!!

  2. awe thanks so much cuz! i really am flattered.
    we are thrilled to bits! cant wait to hear about your recent adventures with your boys! love you xo