is your food alive?

a recent change in the past year for our family has been the switch to sprouted grain bread instead of the traditional multigrain.

sprouted grain breads are made with grains & legumes that have sprouted before being ground into flour.  because the seed is first sprouted, making it alive & active in it's growth process, sprouted grains have increased nutrient & vitamin content. the bread is moist & made without yeast, with low or no salt, higher in protein, low fat content, high fibre, low glycemic index & typically uses only organic ingredients.

sprouted grain breads use ingredients in the most unrefined stage possible, which is why sprouted grain bread is often referred to as live food. when the nutrients have not been stripped from the grain & then added back into the product later on, without the highly processed flours, sprouted grains are a super healthy option.  we decided this was a good choice for us & worth the switch.  we were tickled pink when we found stonemill sprouted grain bread at our local loblaws {so much nicer than ezekiel bread}.  although not always sold in the refrigerated section, sprouted grain breads should be refrigerated or frozen until use.  since they are made without preservatives or pesticides/herbicides, they don't have a long shelf life... which didn't really affect our decision as bread never stays around long at our house.  also, because it has lower fat content, when toasting, toast on a lower setting to avoid burning... i thought something was wrong with our toaster for the longest time!

we eat toast almost ever morning so this was a critical decision for us & it has worked out super well.  i have recently been looking for some different toast topping options as peanut butter is getting a little old... the twins have started to riot at breakfast.
so far a few new ideas have been...

  • peanut butter & banana or strawberries
  • soy cream cheese & whole fruit jam {soy cream cheese generally tastes pretty bland unless mixed with something else}
  • soy cream cheese blended with broccoli or cucumber
  • fruit faces {making faces with fruit}
  • applesauce or apple butter
  • almond butter or honey with granola
  • toast dippers {toast with a side of hummus or whatever your kids like}
  • bruschetta {not their fav yet but i'm still trying}
  • nacho toast {salsa, green onions & cheese}
  • one eyed monsters or eggs any way on toast
  • french toast dipped in cinnamon or pumpkin or whatever is lying around

... what are some of your favourite toast toppings?  i need more ideas!

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