pinafores & overalls {small style}

on the long bucket list of activities to keep me busy while going way overdue, was the experimental farm here in ottawa.  it was a gorgeous fall day & a perfect midweek activity for the kids. i didn't get any pictures of the latest fall fashions the animals were sporting this trip, mainly due to being pretty focused on corralling my own little herd, but there were definitely some awesome cow licks going on. here are some pics of our day at the farm...

 {kai}: overalls {oshgosh}, onsie {winner's - no label},  slippers {joe}
 {evie}: pinafore & leggings {the bay}, onesie {carter's}, slipper's {joe}

 {davith}: shirt {joe}, jeans {gymboree - these have a sweatband waistband & i love them... very potty friendly... i need a pair of these!}, shoes {shoes got ditched as his feet apparently spontaneously grew while we were at the farm}

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