brain fuzzies

sorry faithful readers for my lack of posting these past two weeks! it turns out (so the Doctor says) i have a mild concussion from the accident which has made it a little more difficult to get thoughts on paper. who knew?!

whiplash is one of those weird things that hasn't really been studied until the past few years.  apparently a common accessory symptom to whiplash is a concussion.  i guess brains are a little easier jostled around than one may have first thought.  did you know that symptoms of a concussion can include: nervousness or anxiety, sadness, irritability, more emotional, trouble falling asleep, drowsiness, fatigue or low energy, confusion & difficulty remembering or concentrating, feeling like "in a fog" or "don't feel right", feeling slowed down, headache & head pressure, neck pain, nausea, dizziness, balance problems, vision issues & sensitivity to light & noise?  that explains a lot about the past couple weeks! phew... i thought i was pregnant!  not that that would have been a bad thing just a surprise thing. given that ambiguous list, i wonder if i've been concussed since having my first child! ;-)

anyways, on the mend now.  not totally up to speed yet but getting there. will begin to post more as my brain fuzzies begin to lift.

and in usual blog tradition, i believe i owe you all a video as penance...

kai absolutely loves going to the park... we have to be careful when we open the front door sometimes because he just takes off with those little legs a flying!

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