love straw {letters to davith}

"would you like some milk with your muffin?" i ask only as a formality, already knowing the answer.
"ya!" you shout enthusiastically, as a few muffin crumbs erode from the corners of your mouth.
"yes, please you mean?"
"yes, please!"
i fill your blue cup, plunk in a straw & slide it across the counter.  i busy myself with counters & crumbs as you stuff your cheeks with muffin in your usual fantastical muffin eating fashion.
"hey mummy! look it's my love straw from balentines day!"
"why yes it is..."
"and mummy, i wish i could drink with this straw eberyday!"

oh yes, davith. we all would have a better day if we drank from our love straws.  love straws change everything.  love changes perception.  pumps life to the heart, oxygen the muscles.  love is not a merely a concept nor ideal.  it is the reason we exist, the motivation for everything, our purpose, our soul craving. sometimes we draw from our love straw without knowing.  other times, it is a hard intentional choice.  for when we allow ourselves to draw from love, we possess the ability to love imperfect people.  and when we love imperfect people, His love is perfected in us. 

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