crazy noise

our house is noisy.  loud.  deafening at times.   but it is amazing to me how noise transforms based on how i perceive it.  with so much noise in our house, it has been a necessary key to survival.  when i can hear crying as training or the incessant 'mommy! mommy!' as 'i love you' or the shrieking as learning to communicate my entire experience is transformed.
but for the days when my tolerance is dwindling for the loud crazy noise, i have been trying to help them channel some of that noise.  here is one of my absolute favourite resources at the moment. we have both the mp3 & the dvd.  the dvd is a great way to get out some of their pent up energy... and those dance moves, just adorable! and if the dvd isn't accessible, we can break out into song just about anywhere and "make a crazy, crazy joyful noise... a wacky, silly, funny noise that you enjoy!"

and for quieter nights i love this too. davith usually listens to this cd while falling asleep.  they have amazing testimonials on their website of kids who suffered from night terrors sleeping soundly through the night or kids with behaviour challenges finally being at peace.  it is amazing the profound effect & power of scripture.  i must admit, i turn davith's cd player on a little louder than usual when steve is away so that i can hear this as i fall asleep.  i loved it so much i bought volume II.


  1. The 'Hidden In My Heart' album is sooo beautiful! I listened to it non-stop during those middle of the night feedings when Wesley was first born. It gave me rest and peace even when I wasn't sleeping!

  2. I LOVE THAT CD! I had it on for my birthing soundtrack when I was in labour. And I listened to it so much when I was pregnant for Aram to hear in my womb. I definitely want to buy Vol 2... :)

    - Brittany Brydson