long legged style {small style}

livi hasn't made an appearance in {small style} as of late so i thought it was about time.  this is mainly due to her awesome napping schedule {thank-you babywise!}.
every time i take livi in for her check ups at our elderly dr's office, he rants & raves about how tall she is going to be. "it's those long legs!" he says.  according to our white browed dr, she's going to be the tallest in the family, kinda like my own baby sister, mekr, who now towers above me.  now that summer is finally here, those scrawny little legs & arms just look so scrumptious in little sundresses & the like.
so here's a little {small style} tribute to those long legs & those delicious little baby toes!

perhaps martial arts are in her future?

oh, those dimples!

i am absolutely in love with that smile!
{sundress}: carter's {blankie}: swaddle-by-design, which i bought at chapters on clearance so not sure if they are still there or not... this blanket is my absolute favourite.  it has the swaddling instruction written right on the tag, which is easy peasy for passing onto babysitters {or daddies as the case may be}.  i also love this blankie because it's huge... you could probably swaddle an elephant in it!  

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