healthy date, healthy mate {date night}

i've heard kickboxing can be great marriage therapy! :)
date night for us usually consist of unhealthy habits like stuffing our faces with food or a long movie or the long chat about work/kids while stuffing our faces combo.  which is ok every once in a while but not necessarily the healthiest way to de-stress & often ends in bloated tiredness.  we have guarded our home vigilantly & promoted healthy habits where ever possible when it comes to our kids.  but as we are continuing to realize, our kids are more perceptive than we think & we need to model health even when the kids aren't looking.  but it's not just about the kids, this is about us.  we often like to set goals or talk about our dreams on date nights.  so it got me thinking... what better way to bond than start investing in each others interests & sharpen/expand our healthy habits & skills set.   to help give us a boost, we have preplanned our first couple of dates which includes a tour/workout at a new club we're considering, a trip to le nordik & guitar lessons, just to name a few. all are about the same amount of money & time just creative & life building.  it's a great way to prioritize & push each other into new things we wouldn't otherwise have the courage or time to do on our own.  looking forward to the multiple ways we find to release stress & finally get to some of those dream lists.  i am really looking forward to this.  i'm sure we'll still go out for dinner & a movie every once in a while but it is also really nice to try something different.
here's to the healthy date, healthy mate initiative!

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