what to wear for a frog hunt {small style}

saying that we love to go to the cottage would be an understatement. we LOVE going to the cottage.  it's the first place that davith didn't want to leave.  as a true farm girl at heart, having kids has made me miss my country roots.  we have often talked about moving to the outskirts of town & commuting in but with our line of work that just wouldn't do.  so, the cottage has become our perfect compromise.  it is an hour & a half from ottawa & peterborough {steve works in both places & family lives in peterborough}, easy to get to & already full of great memories. whenever steve travels down to peterborough, we often come to the cottage as kind of a base. and that's exactly what we did this weekend.  the wilkins' grandparents came to keep me company while steve was in town.  i think we spent the entire weekend outside.  i love it when they come in at night with that great outdoors smell in their hair.  it was fabulous.  here's some picture of our frog/butterfly hunt for this edition of {small style}:

lester, our wild hare came out to watch

hoods are great for keeping the bugs from
biting... so is natural clove mix!

kai's new trike from g-ma & g-pa {his birthday is on sunday!}

she thinks the golf caddy is a vacuum 

sporting her new haircut 

happy farm feet

our first boat ride as a fam went great... until eva figured
out how to use the handles on the back of the boy's life
jackets! turns out you can have a timeout just about anywhere
{eva}: sweater {joe}, pants {mexx}, boots {no name, value village}
{kai}: shirt {children's place}, jeans {joe}, boots {no name, value village}
{davith}: t-shirt {gymboree}, jeans {joe}


  1. Oh yes, cottages and lakes are so refreshing and I know what you mean about the smell of outside in their hair! Mary

  2. Looks like so much fun! I also love that outside smell! And rosy cheeks from the fresh air!

    Also, tell me more about this clove mix!!