count the ways i love you

growing up with three brothers & a sister, it became necessary to think of various extra ways to provoke or annoy one another.  or i think if we were honest, ways to passive aggressively show our affection for one another.  roughhousing was a big part of our everyday shenanigans & still are when we see each other now as adults.  we roughhoused so much we broke our banister, which my mom still hasn't fixed. i think because she secretly loves all of the memories that lead to it's gradual decline in sturdiness. i'll never pass up a chance for a good wrestling match... which i think came as quite the surprise to steve when we first got married.  he actually prayed for kids just so he would have a break from all of the constant pestering! poor guy!

another way us siblings showed our affection/provoked one another was in making up nonsense names to call one another.  mostly because we weren't allowed to swear or use bad words, we would substitute the silliest thing we could think of.  i think a qulill was one of the worst "offenses" a rickey could call another rickey.  that was just asking to pummeled!  i can't remember half of the little nonsense names but i wish i could.  it was such a fun game.    

i love being creative.  i thought of all the times during the day i have to say "come here please..." & wanted to spice it up a little.  i was easily bored with the traditional nicknames of sweetheart, honey & dear and so starting early on with davith, i began to experiment with little love names.  not to provoke of course, but as a different way of saying i love you.  multitasking if you will & occasionally being intentional about my confession over them.  i have often heard parents or grandparents jokingly refer to their young as trouble or bums or whatever the negative expression is & i think what a waste!  when "come here" gets transformed into "i love you" it just makes the whole day fun.

so here is a record of all of the little nonsense names that in wilkins' tongue translates into i love you so, so much!  they are just jibberish to anyone but us.  but that's okay.  kinda like our own secret language that at the end of the day, means you are loved.

come here my little... tika masala, pickle, sausage roll, milk dud, cream puff, jube jube, jellybean, moya mascha {beautiful girl in dutch}, jiblet, chicklet, marshmellow, peanut, mon petit chou {my little cabbage in french}, patty cake, bubble & squeak, skinny vanilla latte, mission 3:16, string bean, chubbly bubbly, poopy snoopy, mint julep {not even sure what that is}, mighty man of valour, prince-a-pacea, pretty princess, marvel, bright spark, pup, crab cake, chicken bhuna, sundae with a cherry on top, miracle, squigglet, feisty one, bon jovi, warrior woman, sleeping bunny, christmas come early, mr. or miss flavishim, charlie brown, lucky duck, chucky cheese, smartie pants, ju ju bee, slinky winky blinky bear, taco salad, tuna wrap with mayo on the side, spicy meatball, fruit of my loins, bottomless pit, overflowing vessel of the king's goodness, rumple rouser, bangalore, fru fru, tooty fruity, snoop doggy dog, loved one... & still creating daily, the list continues on & on...

* i realize upon reflection that most of these are food items... perhaps i have a suppressed desire to eat my children? yikes! i promise i only nibble on them now & them!          

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