eyes to see, eyes to change {letters to micaiah}

i meant to post this last week but our internet has been badly misbehaved the last number of days... my apologies!  this post is about unwrapping everyday moments to fully dwell in their loveliness. like a net catching all of the moments that flutter by so quickly.  i am holding them captive.  making the most out of them.  see {these are the letters that love wrote} for more info on this new little addition to my blogging life.
"eye, eye..." your little chubby finger tickles the end of my eyelashes.

"eyes, eyes..." i repeat after you.

"no, no..." you gently pat the end of my nose with your open palm.

"nose, nose..." i pinch your cute button nose.

"mou, mou?" you tap my chin with your tiny little hand, trying to close my mouth.

"mouth, that's right kai!"

and you start over again... "eye, eye..." your sweet little features squint.  there is nothing sweeter than your gentle touch, your tiny lips trying their best to sound out each syllable.

i look deep into those dark eyes of yours & i think of all the things you will see in your lifetime.  all of the wonderful, incredible things awaiting to be seen by you.  all the vibrant colours of countries laid deep in your heart.  they wait for you.  all the ugly, scary things wait too only they wait for the Christ in you.  as your mother, i cringe as i think of all the ugly, all the terrible.  it is only instinct to want to shelter, to protect you.  but i know i can only shield you from it for a short time.  for soon enough, you will see the decay, the overwhelming need.  you will smell the stench of death, the terrible oppression & putrid poverty.  you will only be overwhelmed, not overtaken, momentarily.  this is necessary. but you will come to see that you have the solution.  deep down inside of you.  you are the change.  the bittersweet, sour turned to sweet, savoury. you might man of valour, you with Christ in you, will change the world with those eyes.

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  1. Love this Sarah...and not just because Sam & I go through the "Eye! No! Mou!" routine on a daily basis too. (Except it's usually followed with Haaaaiiiiir! - *yank* - and "Teee!" *shoving finger in my mouth to locate teeth). Kids are ridiculous. I've been thinking a lot lately about the desire to shelter our kids...and how even though I *know* I can't, I still want to.