twin fashion {small style}

anyone who has ever dreamed of having twins, has probably dreamed of them in matching outfits.  so cute, so perfect.  on special occasions this is super fun.  on an everyday basis, this is exhausting.  with the ever increasing laundry demands & mealtime clothing spoilers, one can find that the once fun matching outfit idea is just a frustration.  and so i have given up the matching outfit dream & embraced the unique personal style philosophy.  it helps that they are boy-girl twins & that they could not be more different personality wise.  kai is a go getter & eva is, well, a girl.  try to dress kai fancy & he'll shred that outfit to bits.  try to dress eva fancy & she struts around like a peacock, smoothing her ruffles & frills.  she LOVES clothes, shoes, clips & bows.  kai couldn't care less.

so here is a little snapshot of their unique personal style:
{kai}: i like to call this indestructible style, the only thing that would make this outfit more practical is if it were flame retardant: {whale suit} babygap {slippers} no sure, thrifted

{eva}: i like to call this fru fru style: {tutu body suit} old navy {leggings} children's place {headband} ardene's {ballet slippers} joe, only $3.94! i love finds like this!
evie trying to put on the world's tiniest dutch clogs
{they were attached to a key chain}


her favourite "pacifier" next to her ruby slippers

*i realized how different the twins were this past week, when leaving instructions with a babysitter, i said "if kai's upset just give him his susu... if eva's upset then just give her a pair of shoes, the frillier the better" and i wasn't joking... shoes are her pacifier at the moment.

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