winter wonderland wear {small style}

to see their faces light up the first morning it snowed was something i'll treasure forever.  when davith looked out out bathroom window that morning, he whispered "it's christmas outside.  mom, can we play in christmas today?!" they bounced & sang all through breakfast, diaper changes & patiently waited until they were all tightly bundled in their fleeces, hats & mitts. and then, with their big bright eyes & chubby cheeks, they exploded out the front door to greet our snow dusted wonderland.  pure joy.  davith leaped down the steps ploughing the way for the others, as only firstborns do.  evie climbed down quickly to dust the trees saying "uh-oh!", my little mother in the making & kai, a little more trepadacious, slowly slinked down, step by step, taking in every little snowflake. each taking in all of winter's splendor in their own way. warms a mother's heart.  here are some pics of their winter wonderland exploration in their winter wonderland wear!

  {davith}: winter coat {gap - this is his second winter with it & it's still big!}, snowpants {children's place}, mitts {dollarama}, boots {joe}, hat {kidditown}

{evie}: snowsuit {columbia - i just unzipped the fleece from the shell}, boots {joe}, mitts {carters}, hat {kidditown}

{kai}: snowsuit {columbia - inner fleece separated from the shell}, boots {joe}, hat {joe}, mitts {dollarama}

{livi}: safely snuggled inside by the fireplace taking a nap!

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