seeding the clouds {goals}

"you should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for."
{ted turner}
i am an avid goal setter.  i set goals for just about everything in every season.  it is a practice that both steve & i have been vigilant in pursuing in our marriage, our parenting, our own ministry & worship to the Lord, our finances, our habits & lifestyle...  we set goals & revisit & adjust regularly according to our revelation of what we believe the Lord has called us to.  the point of a goal is to not just reach for something in the future but to hold ground. to progress.
"progress is the only thing that will make you happy"
{ted turner}
progress does taste pretty good.  but what happens when a goal hits a snags & leaks empty of hope?  what happens when we fall short, when we loose our grasp & fail to pull that illusive dream into our everyday reality?  what then? that is when the promises of God whisper truth to our disappointment.  no situation is void of hope.  and there is no such thing as impossible, Truth whispers.  and seeds of hope begin to take root, vision refocuses & we rise again, knowing who we truly are & what He has called us to.  there is nothing out of reach for those who look through His eyes, for those who believe.

my finish line is their start line
and that is just where i have fallen short. in my highly acclaimed goals, in where i placed their finish line.  so shortsighted, so limited to self, time & the natural mind.  as i learn to live from my position in Christ, unlimited & set free from my own perspective of my small life, i have the potential to bring forth the greatest exploit of all time.  we were never meant to live our lives with just ourselves in mind.  in setting goals, i have often asked myself where i would want to be in five or ten years from now.  but what about my decedents?  what about 300 years from now?  now that is thinking long term.  how i set the direction for my family today has the potential to affect my descendants hundreds of years from now.  there are countless stories in the Word of family lines spanning across centuries under the blessing that started with their distant forefathers.  that is who i want to be. a baton pass-er on-er, someone who 'seeded the clouds' & declared blessing over all her descendants, made it possible for them to reunite Christ with His perfect, spotless bride. that is my goal & it is with that in mind that i seed the clouds of the future.
"there is no failure in faith"
{bill johnson} 


  1. Love it! Amen.
    You guys have always set a great example in this area. Thanks for the great encouragement :)

  2. Wow. What a great revelation that is to my life! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  3. thank-you both for the encouragement! it so wonderful to share these little things together... love sharing with you women of wisdom who have sharpened me by sharing your own treasures! xo

  4. I really like how you express things. I'm like this too - chronic goal setter; list maker - I even have different *books* for different types of lists, for crying out loud. (What? Pack lists TOTALLY need their own book, amiright??). But you are right - like all things they need to be kept in their place and the ceiling should not be "stuff I can imagine or conceive of today." Good food for thought my friend...hope you are well. (Hee, as I type this, Anika is attempting cartwheels. This is hilarious because I am fairly certain she has never even *seen* a cartwheel. BUT - what a great picture - she isn't allowing herself to be limited by what she knows how to do or what her eyes have seen. She's trying anyway...and succeeding. Awesome.).



    1. i love your comment so much, it has inspired another blog post! i love the ways kids think... stayed tuned for more!