playful parenting

one of my favourite times of day, is just after baths & just before bed, daddy {aka steve} gets down on the floor with all three of them & roughhouses until they are exhausted... or, let's be honest, until he is exhausted!  the kids love it!  i love it!  seeing them all bounce with glee, each feeling a special kind of daddy-bond every time it is their turn to be catapulted across the room.  hearing the ridiculous giggles as he chases them under pillows & over cushions. it is truly wonderful to watch as a mother & a wife. a nightmare to watch as a house cleaner/bedtime calmer-downer but that's besides the point.  memories in the making is the point!

with daddy being away this week, i can tell the kids miss not only their daddy but roughhousing.  it's when they started head butting couches & throwing themselves off stairs, that i thought to myself, we are in desperate need of a little roughhousing around here. there are things only a good ol' fashioned roughhousing romp can remedy and so i took matters into my own hands... literally. i revisited a previous post & the art of roughhousing for a little creative inspiration.  here are a few moves we've been "practicing" to show daddy upon his return:
the greek catapult
the balloonist

flying fox & the houdini

mattress rafting
*note: i'm really not doing these moves justice with out their accompanying stories from 'the art of roughhousing'.  check it out!  it really is a neat little resource.

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