scary style {small style}

we love dressing up! halloween is one of my funnest memories as a kid.  my mom always homemade our costumes.  my first halloween trick-or-treating was when i was four & i was a snowman with pillows strapped to my waist, a cardboard carrot as my nose, coal painted cheeks, a lovely cardboard top hat & scarf.  it was my favourite costume i think... closely seconded by the year i went as a calculator.  i am no where near as creative or ambitious as my mom the pro & so we bought our costumes this year.
our pumpkin even dressed up as pirate pete
 {pumpkin}: hat, earring, gun & bandana from dollarama
a cowboy & his friendly horse fred
 {cowboy}: boots {gymboree}, vest & t-shirt {zellers}, hat & sheriff badge {dollarama}, fred {value village}
a cupcake complete with frosted cheeks & a cherry on top
 {cupcake}: leggings {carters}, slippers {joe}, cupcake bottom & cap {winners}
a lion
 {lion}: i have no idea, we inherited it from somewhere
fred's legs kept getting in the way so davith
carried him the whole way
wipeout! no worries... the other trick-o-treaters
just stepped over him

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