taming the toddler within

everyday i am surrounded by toddlers.  surrounded.  the whining, the impulsiveness, the impatience, the insecurity, the self-centredness & oh, the temper tantrums.  toddlers everywhere.  i see them driving cars around the city, working out at the gym, buying groceries at loblaws and worst of all i find a toddler in me.

after spending so much time as of late in the toddler world, i feel as though i have become a bit of an expert on the hallmarks of toddlerdum. mood swings, separation anxiety & fits of rage are par for the course when raising a toddler... or three in my case. after being eyeballs deep in toddlerhood, i am beginning to see that i am not that different from them.  i am constantly correcting my kids for behaviour i inadvertently demonstrate for them.  oh yes.  the annoyed mumbling when the line is too long, the "need" to always be by my husband's side, the grasping for control to prove i'm powerful, the meltdowns when i haven't had my nap, the impulse to complain all the time, the explosion of anger when things don't go my way... all remnants from my toddler years.  the only problem is i don't have those cute little pigtails to smooth things over anymore.

although temper tantrums & whining are carefully masked in socially acceptable form, they are a temptation that i all to often indulge in.  do not be fooled. just because we no longer fit in jolly jumpers & eat everything we find on the floor does not make us immune to the plight of toddlerdum.  we were always meant grow up.  to mature. to engage in an ongoing process.  and so i am a little surprised to find myself still seemingly at the start of that journey, that quest for maturity.  but the good news is all it takes is a really good timeout to address a lot of those issues.  and in true toddler fashion, it is rarely cured in one timeout.  it is in not only continual self-reflection but Christ-reflection, by resting your head on the Father's shoulder that growth is spurred.  self is transformed by unconditional love. insecurity melts away when i am sure of who i am.  whining brought into perspective by the One who sees it all. rage calmed where the One who is Peace resides. i will outgrow toddlerhood... one timeout at a time.


  1. haha, totally true. It's the worst and the best when we are able to recognize it in ourselves, and then submit ourselves to Christ once again to have Him change us. Like you said, we will grow up, and we are destined to be like Him. :) B

  2. Oh, how I can relate and love that you have pointed out such truth in the matter.
    I especially feel this way lately...we are expecting our fourth (praise the Lord) and with the pregnancy comes the yuckies, and with the yuckies comes the lack of patience. Oh, how many times don't I just want to throw my hands up and say, "Mommy is going back to bed!" LOL But, that wouldn't be fitting now, would it.
    Keep it up!

  3. @mama jamiah: oh my goodness jamie! i'm soooo excited for you guys! how many weeks are you? i can totally relate to those yuckies! finally feeling like i am coming out from under the yuckies finally. i just keep repeated to myself... children are a blessing from the Lord...even if i don;t always feel that way! i hope this pregnancy is covered in grace! & lots of rest... even when sleep doesn't seem possible! you're incredible to be doing what you are. incredible.

    @B & MJ: thanks for the encouragement ladies! it's always nice to know people still read & can relate! you never know when you're writing on only a few hours sleep & some awesome hormone peaks if anything you're writing even make sense! nice to know i'm not crazy...yet! xo