the love song {a song diary}

the love song.  the song that started it all.  that stirred the oceans into being, that rolled the clouds out in all their splendor, that smoothed fern & fauna onto that glorious palette, that painted the majestic heavens, that molded us from our muddy beginnings, breathed being into life, never-ending, ever-creating. the love song. His song.

cheap imitations & glimmers of this love are rarely captured or able to be reproduced. just a dim shadow of this love, His love. something i truly appreciate about third day is they are one of the rare finds in a song writer that understands what this love is like to experience.  my deep is stirred every time i hear these songs below.

i can remember playing love song for an IUS presentation before my high school class.  the room was silent while the song played.  not the crinkle of a paper. not the clicking of a pen.  nothing but the soft sobbing of my unsaved grade ten english teacher.  

cheap love songs are a dime a dozen. real love songs are not. they cost everything.  

just let the songs below play & let Him sing to you.

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